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Sam Rufus Nallaraj, CEO of Mxit India Pvt Ltd, said Mxit enables users to avail services on feature phones which otherwise are available only on smartphones.

With 700 million out of 900 million mobile users in India having feature phones, Mxit would be a major and innovative player in India, which is world's largest feature phone market, he said.

Pretend, and give the impression that you’ve got a big company when you need to. And today I’ve got an audio-only interview with Herman Heunis.

I’ve told you how that’s helped me, and how that helped me in the early days of my first company. He is the founder and CEO of MXit, which has 18 million users in 120 countries, and transmits upwards of 250 million messages per day.

"Our service turns even a normal phone into a smartphone," he said.

Mxit is available for download across more than 8,000 different feature phones, smartphones and tablets Mxit offers not just one to one, and one to many chat features, but also facilitates many to many chat.The service is currently available in English and Hindi will also available in 10 different Indian languages including Telugu in six months.Available on Java, Nokia, i OS, Android, Blackberry and Window Phone operating systems, it allows over 300 characters as compared to 140 characters in a SMS.I’ve built stand alone web applications before, but you have to spend lots of time and resources to try and make a web application discoverable, and growing your user base organically can take a long time, unless you’re prepared to spend lots of money on advertising.Last year I started building applications for the Mxit platform.

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