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This is an easy way to do your shopping and contribute to AAM at the same time. You must use the AAM link in order for us to receive the donation.

Type your question, then click "Add Reply" and we will take care of the rest. Thanks to all the moms who use our link--we get between and a month to help us be able to pay for this site from Amazon, because moms remember to shop there using our button to get into the Amazon site. If you make a purchase through AMAZON using our AAM link, we will get about 4- 6% of your total purchase donated back to us at no cost to you.

You also get access to her fantastic facebook support group where there are other women going through and who have gone through the 14-Day Challenge.

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You get a daily email that gives you access to that day’s video and and transcript (which is good, because I hate videos).

If you want to work from home as a chat agent, here are 9 companies to check out.

Apple Care – Advisor Looking for more chat agent jobs?

In this post I’m going to cover my favorite free fertility programs, my favorite fertility-related Facebook Groups, and the TTC and Infertility Community on Instagram.– Ladies, Gabriela is AMAZING.

Seriously, she is incredible, and the 14 Day Challenge is AWESOME!

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