Dhcp not updating dns ptr records

Here is a screenshot of a scope with this configuration: Secondly, the DHCP scope had to be enabled for DHCP failover.In this case, the DHCP scope was enabled for DHCP failover in load balance mode.Note: DHCP failover does not support for BOOTP in Windows Server 2012 RTM, but DHCP failover does support BOOTP in Windows 2012 R2.Here is a screenshot of BOOTP being disabled on the scope.As the DHCP servers in this environment are Linux based we would like the clients to update their PTR records themselves.Updating the PTR records means a client registers his name and IP in the reverse lookup zone.Thirdly, and this is the secret sauce to the perfect storm, the client has to behave in an anomalous manner as described here: In this specific case, the client was a Lexmark T650 series network printer.

The timeout for the BOOTP messages took 6 seconds total: Therefore, when the DHCP DISCOVER was sent, the device populated the DHCP SECONDS field with the value of 6.As we noticed that only Windows 7 workstations with a static IP were being registered we started troubleshooting.As an AD guy I was 100% confident we could get this done using GPO’s.choose create a new file with this file name and then click Next. Type IP address of the server or servers that will be forwarders.

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