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During pregnancy, the muscles that support the bladder are stretched and weakened, as is the pelvic floor from childbirth.And as the uterus gradually contracts and grows smaller in the weeks immediately following delivery, it lies directly on the bladder, compressing it, making it more difficult to stem the tide of urine.Postpartum urinary incontinence isn't a subject new moms like to discuss (which is probably why you never heard about it until now), but it's something more than one-third experience.And it's not surprising that postpartum urinary incontinence so common.Remember when you were pregnant and you were constantly running to the bathroom to pee?Well now that you're postpartum, you may find yourself peeing even before you start running to the bathroom.If you can, work up to three sets of 30 Kegels a day (do them while you're checking e-mail, while you're standing on line at the market, while you're diapering baby…again).And don't be discouraged if you're still leaking urine after a few weeks.

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His roommate's girlfriend had just peed the bed after they were done making ~love~ and his roommate didn't seem to think it was a big deal. Not to mention so f*cking gross.”But, you see, I don't think it was that weird at all. It didn't take long for me to figure out that I was the one who had wet the bed.

This is a very common question women ask of their doctors.

Unfortunately, some women who have leakage don’t ask the question because they have been led to believe that it is normal, or that nothing can be done.

This happens because the strength of the bladder outlet – the urethra, is weaker and no longer is able to keep the outlet closed during the increase in pressure on the bladder.

This is not normal and it indicates a weakness of the ‘door.’ This weakness can progress over time, making the leakage more and more common.

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